Create an automated method to generate invoices for items which must be invoiced more than once on some consistent basis. This can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or some period of days, weeks or months. The modification creates sales orders which are marked so that they can be invoiced in batch or individually.

The user will create a Sales Quote which is a template for creating Recurring Sales Orders. The Sales Order lines may be any of the types shown here. The modification creates Sales Orders by copying a Sales Quote. The user fills a page with the filters to select the Quotes that will be used to create Recurring Sales Orders. The program marks the Sales Order Header so that the user can filter the Recurring Sales Orders for batch processing of the Invoices. You can use all NAV filter types to select the correct Sales Quotes.
The Sales Quotes remain available for editing both during the active time frame and after the time has expired. The user may enter any valid Type on the Sales Quote.


NAV Sales Quote Additions
The Recurring Sales Order fields are on a separate Fast Tab. The bulk of the Sales Order parameters are selected on the standard Sales Quote. Only the Recurring parameters are on the new tab.
Fields for Recurring Parameters:

  • External Document No. – Add to Sales Quote page

Recurring Sales Order Tab

  • Recurring Sales Order Checkmark – if checked, the rest of these parameters may be entered
    • Unchecking the box will gray out these parameters, but will not delete the values
    • Rechecking the box will restore the values previously entered.
    • Recurring Order field is visible on the Sales Quote list
    • Recurring Order field is visible on the generated Sales Order list. It is visible on the Sales Order Recurring Tab and Sales List. It is not editable. It may be used for filtering
  • Recurring Reference – 20 character Text field for a user defined filter value, may be used in selection process
  • Frequency – How often will this Sales Order be generated; used in conjunction with the Period


Frequency Description
1Y Generates once per year
5D Generates every five days
1W Generates every week
1Q Generates quarterly
1M Generates each Month
  • Final Posting Date – the last date this Sales Quote will generate a Sales Order. The program will generate a Sales Order whenever the Next Posting Date is on or before the Final Posting Date.
  • Sales Orders – shows number of open Sales Orders generated from this quote
  • Posted Sales Invoices – shows number of Invoices generated from Sales Orders created from this quote
  • Next Posting Date – the Posting date for the Sales Order
    • During setup this field will be the first date the Sales Order will generate
    • This field will be updated each time the Recurring Sales Order is generated. It will be changed to the next Posting Date for this Recurring Sales Order.
    • Last Generated – date a Sales Order was last generated from this Sales Quote

Filter Criteria for Generating Recurring Sales Orders

  • Only Sales Quotes marked as Recurring will be considered in this process
  • Use any field from the Sales Quote Header for filtering
  • End Date – Generate Recurring Sales Order from Sales Quotes with a Next Posting Date on or before the End Date.
    • Field is required
    • The program may have to create multiple Sales Orders from a single Sales quote as the combination of Next Posting Date, Frequency and End Date dictates.
      • Frequency 1M, Next Posting Date 6/15/13, End Date of 7/31/13 will generate two Sales Orders dated 6/15/13 & 7/15/13.