Increase Business Automation through a Streamlined Time Card and Payroll Process

The key to success in any area of your business is to work smarter, not harder. The best way to accomplish this is by continuously seeking to improve business automation whenever possible. A very common area lacking business productivity is within the time card and payroll process. We have met far too many manufacturing, distribution and services companies who were wasting valuable time and resources by continuing to utilize a manual process in this area of their business.

Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions’ Time Collection for Dynamics NAV offers an affordable option for your time tracking and payroll functions. Utilizing the power of bar coding technology in combination with the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Time Collection creates an automated solution for time collection and payroll integration on the shop floor, in the office, and for field service personnel.

Time Collection allows you to:

  • Gain access to real-time reporting so that you can evaluate job progression and costing.
  • Speed shop floor time collection while simultaneously reducing entry errors.
  • Improve visibility into neglected cost areas by tracking rework time.
  • View linked documents, record production consumption and output, enter quality measures, view and enter production comments, and manage dispatch lists for jobs and production orders.
  • Capture maintenance costs by recording time against fixed assets.
  • Easily communicate time card issues directly to responsible personnel.
  • Speed adoption, and reduce training.
  • Simplify tracking of non-shop time and attendance.
  • Take advantage of a flexible organization hierarchy allowing for multi-level approvals of time.
  • Review time entries and locate anomalies.
  • Integrate with internal or external payroll systems to eliminate manual double-entry and ensure accurate payroll processing.
  • Adapt to all potential workforce configurations by configuring work types, payroll codes, project types, and shift patterns.
  • Customize payroll rules for calculating overtime and significantly reduce the effort required during validation.

If you’d like more information on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and DMS Time Tracking, please contact us today. We can help you determine if this application is right for your organization, as well as provide ongoing support for the life of your business. We help you increase growth by becoming better, faster and stronger through a successful combination of remarkably improved management controls, cash flow and profitability.

If you are not yet using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but are interested in implementing an integrated ERP system and time tracking software…

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By using a Microsoft Dynamics NAV business management system and DMS Time Tracking for your business, you empower your people, generate optimal value, drive productivity and improve decision-making.

In the volatile world of business, individual effectiveness both have a direct impact on your bottom line. Give your people familiar, easy-to-use tools to enable them to help you increase organization-wide business productivity.

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