Improve business automation and discover a higher level of business productivity for Microsoft Dynamics NAV with integrated document management…

Are you still sending paper documents to customers, suppliers and vendors; and saving hard copies in filing cabinets, taking up valuable space in your offices? Let us introduce you to a better option. ZetaDocs seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV business management system, allowing you to replace your time and cost intensive paper-based methods with a much more efficient process.

With an on-screen approval process, and the capacity to quickly find any documents, as well as corresponding information relating to those documents; we are confident that ZetaDocs will improve organization-wide business productivity across all departments.

With Zetadocs you will be able to:

  • Scan and process invoices, and manage accounts payable processes and approvals on screen.
  • Instantly deliver invoices and statements electronically.
  • Improve customer service by:
  • Giving applicable staff members the appropriate access to customer documentation and invoices allowing them to address issues in real-time, on the first call.
  • Enabling customers to help themselves through 3rd party access to their own sales and purchase orders.
  • Achieve cost reduction by reducing paper, toner, storage and administration.
  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint.
  • Instantly improve your disaster recovery process by having documents stored in a secure, electronic format.

If you’d like more information on how integrating a document management solution with your Dynamics NAV ERP system can help you achieve a higher level of business automation and increase organization-wide efficiency, contact us today. We can help you determine if this application is right for your organization, as well as provide ongoing support for the life of your business. We help you increase growth by becoming better, faster and stronger through a successful combination of remarkably improved management controls, cash flow and profitability.

If you are not yet using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but are interested in implementing an integrated ERP system and streamlined document management solution…

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By using a Microsoft Dynamics NAV business management system and ZetaDocs for your business, you empower your people, generate optimal value, drive productivity and improve decision-making.

In the volatile world of business, individual effectiveness both have a direct impact on your bottom line. Give your people familiar, easy-to-use tools to enable them to help you increase organization-wide business productivity.

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