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Microsoft Dynamics NAV and 365 Business Central

Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Expert

BASM has provided implementation, consultation, customization and support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) since 2009. We help small and medium sized businesses streamline business processes and enhance data visibility, in order to become more effective and profitable.

BASM’s first challenge in moving Bernatello’s to their new system was to reduce the amount of modification needed in their new NAV system, while maintaining at least the same functionality as the old system; and, in some cases, providing more functionality. “There is no doubt that this was a huge task and BASM came through and supported the project to the end"

Duane Ebert, Controller, Bernatello’s

BASM’s methodology and support was so sound and good, it made the inevitable learning curve very manageable. Also, thanks to the intuitive Microsoft interface. We’ve saved time and paper costs with functions like the drilldown features, dimensions, on-screen totals, and the G/L to vendor processes. We look forward to our next project; working with BASM on advanced report writing.

Canvas Health’s CFO, Steve

As with any type of change, there are going to be growing pains, but our team is really getting on board as they are seeing the benefits. Likewise, the BASM team was able to get past our unconventional approach of doing things and found ways to shorten the NAV processes to match our processes. That has really helped make the transition easier

Blaine Bunting, President, Atlantic Firearms, LLC

We needed a reliable system, using the latest technology, that had the ability to grow with us. I was impressed with the response time of BASM. We changed direction on how we were going to handle lot tracking several times as we started to see the full scope of what the software could do and BASM implemented those changes right away. They also modified forms so that they would look the way our team was used to seeing them.

Jaysen Stevenson, CFO, UltiMed

BASM was able to get this inventory analysis report with SQL Server Reporting Services written and implemented for us in less than two weeks.

Angie Koch, CEO, Premier Lighting

Consistency is key throughout the organization. Things that were done on spreadsheets or even manually, are all done on the system now, and they are all done the same way at every location; allowing me to see what we are doing as an organization so I can make confident decisions based on solid data. This is invaluable. The custom quote module is key to our business being profitable, while providing our customers with the best possible price and service.

Jeff Gjerdingen, President, Indelco Plastics