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Proguard Sports, founded in 1992, is a wholesale distributor of a complete line of hockey and skating gear and accessories. Since its inception, Proguard’s mission is to provide great accessory products, with the industry’s best packaging, priced right and with a customer service approach second to none. Proguard has been very successful in this pursuit. They continue to make product improvements and are always looking for creative new products to bring to the market. Proguard also maintains a large inventory which allows retailers to access the products they want, when they need them.

Cutting through the information

In order to keep their cutting edge performance, Proguard implemented Sage Pro ERP many years ago for their accounting and warehouse system. Although the reporting capabilities within Pro are endless, Proguard wanted a different way to look at all the information without pulling and comparing reports.

BASM suggested that Proguard take a look at ClickBase after discussing their information objectives. ClickBase, a powerful and cutting edge system, gathers information from any number of data sources and allows users to access the information anywhere and anytime via the ClickBase information portal. Users can get instant analytics and business intelligence on their desktop or even remotely via a mobile device, all in real-time.

After seeing a demonstration of how ClickBase works and the type of information it can provide, Scott Jahnke, Co-Owner of Proguard Sports said, “Sign me up!”

ClickBase is a hard hitter

ClickBase enables organizations to consolidate, track, manage, understand, report and act upon all their enterprise information, regardless of where it is digitally stored or what format it is stored in. It uses a proven technology to unlock the hidden profits in business data and leverages it to provide predictive insights. “ClickBase is a revolutionary integrated information tool that provides real-time information for accurate decision making,” stated Ron Ketterling, President of BASM.

Although ClickBase integrates with Sage Pro ERP, along with many other programs, the integration was written for the current version of PRO. Proguard is on an older version of Pro, but ClickBase was able to ‘back up’ to the older version to make the systems work seamlessly. “The integration was a piece of cake,” states Ryan Ketterling who is in charge of sales at BASM. “ClickBase was great about making their software work on the older version of Pro and before we knew it, everything was up and running perfectly.”

The information goal is achieved

“Although we are still in the infancy stage, I can already say we are off to a great start and that this is an amazing piece of software,” proclaimed Scott. Thanks to both live and on-line training options, Scott was able to get up to speed on using the system and quickly sent out his first set of reports to their sales reps. “The initial feedback I got was fantastic,” stated Scott, who continued, “they really liked it and were already asking for more.”

Proguard is looking forward to the next three to six months as they expect to be pulling very strong data out of the system for analytics and reporting. Even with what they have been able to do with the system so far, Scott states, “I’d tell anyone that ClickBase is a no brainer. Don’t even give it a thought. It’s a great tool and very simple to use.”