Are you looking for Integrated Manufacturing Software to add to your current ERP?

Do you have an existing ERP software program that needs integrated manufacturing software to increase functionality? We have assisted many companies integrate industry and company specific programs into their ERP software systems. You can experience the full benefit of an industry specific application integrated into your ERP software solution, saving you time and money while increasing accuracy.

“Over the time we have worked together, you and your staff have worked streamlining our customizations to make updates and upgrades faster, easier and cheaper. This is important because we can take advantage of new features without having to pay for a lot of hours to redo customizations every time a new version or update comes out.”

Trent Dore, President, Indelco Plastics Corporation


Our Systems Integration service allow us to extend our business experience, so you ultimately become better, faster, and stronger and achieve your business success. With Realistic Solutions© from BASM, you get the right mix of technology and extensive business experience.

We build our business by helping you build yours.  Talk to BASM today to get Realistic Solutions© for your business with the right mix of technology and practical business experience.

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