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Veloci Performance Products provides dozens of commercial market segments with performance equipment including pressure washing, portable heating, foam cannons, and OEM engine parts. They serve the agriculture, industrial cleaning, equipment rental, car washing and other industries, and pride themselves on intelligent engineering, higher-quality, unrivalled work and a positive reputation.

These are the same qualities that drew them to choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV when upgrading their accounting system. To take advantage of all of NAV’s fantastic features and built in processes, Veloci was actively participating in the NAVUG regional quarterly meetings. It was there that a presentation by Business Automation Specialists of Minnesota (BASM) President, Ron Ketterling, prompted a discussion about getting more out of their system. “Veloci’s business process was going well in their NAV system, but they needed solutions to several unique challenges based on the way they do business,” recalled Ron Ketterling. “This is our area of expertise, and we were excited to help.”

After digging into Veloci’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV set up and learning how their business functions, BASM was able to identify several key areas that would streamline their processes within NAV and provide Veloci with a more streamlined business flow as well.

“We started with the GL, which was causing problems,” stated Ron. “After fixing that, we were able to get the financials set up in a way that was meaningful for the company, the bank and shareholders. We also redid the financial training, so the team would be fully on board.”

Veloci also wanted different people to receive faxed or emailed correspondence and wanted to be able to see it with contact information on the customer screen. An integration between the contact management system and Microsoft Dynamics NAV was able to simplify and automate the contact creation, and allow users to select documents to simplify and automate who would get the various documents.

Another need was a way for their custom pricing agreements to be updated in bulk. With potential for thousands of pricing variations, it was a process that needed to be streamlined. BASM defined a simple solution that allowed Veloci to send customers price lists based on items those customers purchase using a selective list via an export process. What had been a cumbersome and error prone process was now easy and streamlined.

Additionally, BASM installed the company’s Zetadocs system to streamline and automate the document management process.

“After getting the financial side of the system in order, Veloci was able to run an accurate balance sheet and provide the reports they had been needing and had gone without for over nine months,” stated Ron. “Their system is now performing to the high standards they expected, and everyone looks forward to seeing where NAV will take them in the future.”