We are always hoping to find more clients just like you – and what better way to find them than through you!  As a token of our appreciation, every time you refer a qualified prospective client to us which results in a meeting, Business Automation Specialists will reward you with a $25 gift card, and there is no limit to the number of prospective clients you can refer.

A qualified prospective client as a company who is preferably in the manufacturing or distribution arena since this is our specialty.  However, feel free to call us if you know of another type of company that could benefit from our services.  They typically have an accounting or system problem to which they haven’t found a solution.

Simply fill out the form below to make the introduction between us and the company you’d like to refer.  We’ll contact the company for a get acquainted call.  If it’s a fit, we’ll set up an on-site meeting. If it’s not a fit, we’ll let them know why and make any recommendations possible.  One way or another, we’ll let you know.  And, if they were qualified, we’ll send you your gift card.