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Why invest in an inventory management system?

Any business, regardless of their industry, has the need to manage their inventory on some level. If you are manually entering inventory data into your accounting system, you may be limiting yourself. You can miss out  on the ability to achieve the rewards of a solid inventory control process.

If you have any of the items listed it below – it might be time to look at a barcoding solution.

  • long physical count times
  • over staffing
  • shipping errors
  • delayed receiving
  • error-prone data entry

Adding barcode data capture can dramatically increase efficiency. Many businesses mistakenly believe that this is outside their ability or budget.

What’s the Trade-Off?

Perhaps you are struggling with the trade-off between tighter inventory control and the effort required to stay up-to-date with the entry of these transactions. Perhaps you don’t consider the industry in which you conduct business as “traditional”, or as having “real” inventory management requirements.

If you haven’t previously considered yourself a candidate for inventory tracking using barcode technology, then continue reading. It is more important than ever to gain accurate inventory control in order to stay competitive and support business growth. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get there. Take a few minutes to consider the option that will deliver a cost-efficient and scalable solution that will keep you competitive as your business grows.

  • Our white paper ‘A Guide to Investing in an Inventory Management System’ is a great first step. It will help you identify the areas in which you can save time and reduce costs regardless of industry size or type, as well as provide specific information on what to consider when selecting an Inventory Management System. Download yours now!

We can help you automate inventory control allowing your management to have better visibility of the warehouse. This will give them the ability to make better business decisions. Customers will  get the right product. This tight integration enables everyone in your organization to work together, efficiently, building a stronger more profitable business. At BASM, we are committed to helping your business in every possible way, from communication, to inventory and warehouse management and so much more!