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ERP Project Success – How to Prepare – Choose – and Implement an ERP System

We want to help you succeed with your business management system. If you are considering changing your ERP software: STOP. Please take time to first do your homework. However, your homework is not about software – rather it is about defining your business goals, objectives and requirements.

BASM has the industry knowledge, information, and experience you need to ensure you do it right.

Pre-planning may be the most important step in the selection of a new ERP system. This essential 3 part whitepaper guides you through each phase of an implementation including: pre-planning, selecting an ERP system, and implementing it. The kinds of helpful information you will find within include:

  • How to approach the research process to ensure you know what you are getting into before you begin.
  • How to choose an ERP system that aligns with your company’s specific business requirements
  • A step by step guide to implementing ERP software, beginning with project organization, and taking you all the way through discovery, implementation, testing, configuration and training.
  • As an added bonus, you will also receive detailed job descriptions for project personnel, as well as 3 helpful conversion checklists to ensure a smooth transition.

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