Your Make-to-Stock Manufacturing business requires a whole range of processes and operations in order to survive, thrive and withstand all the potential pitfalls and obstacles you face in the current business environment.

Traditionally, Make-to-Stock manufacturing is the model people think of most when they think of Manufacturers. As is evident from the name itself, you are a manufacturer who makes your item to stock and your inventory waits for an order. You are the final buffer in the long JIT supply chain. You are the one who holds the inventory for all those other companies that use you for their inventory buffer (or drum, if you prefer that terminology).

Typically, you have used a forecast model based on historical sales of an item or a forecast based on your sales department’s projections on customer demand. You are frequently in touch with your customers, getting revised forecasts and blanket orders so you can modify your stocking levels to meet your customers needs. You spend a great deal of time to ensure the accuracy of your models. And yet, they are never “right”.



Make to Stock


We know you need fast, accurate, flexible forecasting methods and reliable KPIs to readjust your forecasts and stocking levels as conditions change. Raw material planning, scheduling, bill of material, and engineering change order control systems are crucial in keeping your costs under control.

BASM understands Make-to-Stock manufacturers, we can help you:

  • Integrate your software systems
  • Enhance your supply chain visibility
  • Advance your capacity utilization
  • Improve your scheduling
  • Develop your forecasting ability
  • Reduce your overall inventory
  • Increase your order fill rate
  • Shrink your data entry burden
  • Dramatically Improve your inventory management
  • Optimize your production capacity
  • Easily Access information and data
  • Increase delivery efficiencies
  • Minimize redundancies
  • Promote customer satisfaction
  • And more…

Read what our clients have to say about BASM,

“Implementation went beautifully. BASM worked well with us to make everything go smoothly.”

Scott Campbell, Vice President, Cord Sets Manufacturing Corp.

We know what it takes for you to succeed. Everything needs to be precisely managed so you can ensure your forecasting, inventory control, manufacturing floor, warehouse operations, customer inquiries, sales orders and all other processes are running at optimum levels.

We focus our Make-to-Stock experience and knowledge on:

Our extensive business experience in the industry allows us to extend our capabilities to you, so you can ultimately become better, faster and stronger and achieve your business success. With realistic solutions from BASM, you are in a great position to take advantage and move ahead of your competitors.

Whitepaper: “How to Choose a Manufacturing System”

When it comes to Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), it’s important to understand all the benefits of an integrated ERP system before beginning your selection process. We created this guide—to provide you with the essential information you need to make the best decision possible.

Whitepaper Topics:

  • How do I get started evaluation Manufacturing ERP options?
  • How do I choose a Manufacturing ERP consultant & resller?
  • How do I deploy a Manufacturing ERP across my orginization?
  • Hosted vs. On-Demand vs. On-Premise?
  • How do I determine my ERP implementation budget?


Our realistic solutions provide you with the tools it takes to accomplish more with less. Since 1985, we have been extending our practical industry business experience to help Manufacturers just like you capitalize on your unique business strengths so you can transform your manufacturing business to new heights of success.