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This year has been unlike any other in memory. Manufacturing and distribution facilities have been hit especially hard, with companies being forced to cope with having to implement new safety protocols for workers while responding to changes in demand for their products. Some companies have had to change the nature of their product offerings to stay in business, while others are responding to increased demand for products from consumers who are shopping online and expecting to receive orders promptly.

The warehouse industry has been finding it challenging to fill open positions throughout 2020, as companies make necessary changes like changing their layouts and bring their facilities online. There has been a distinct push to do more with fewer human resources and look to technology to help make up for any shortfall in staffing.

One way that manufacturers can make the most of their team members’ talents is to focus on offering their employees opportunities to increase their knowledge by augmenting their existing skills and learning new ones. To that end, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management has now integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides: Step-by-step Instructions for Employees

Tablet PCEmployees are being required to take on more responsibility now, but this does not mean that they should be expected to work without any guidance. A company may not have the time to send a group of employees offsite to attend training sessions now. It’s time to look at training in a different manner to find ways that ongoing training can be something that can be part of the workplace, especially if it also addresses supply chain disruptions.

Simple Instructions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides provide employees with step-by-step holographic instructions. The employee sees them by using a visor that indicates the total number of steps in the task the employee is undertaking and the step the employee is currently on. The instructions are easy to follow and no special coding knowledge is needed to use this software.

Fewer Errors and Improved Safety

This option means that employees follow instructions carefully and no step in the process is missed. All procedures are standardized so that they are followed in the same manner, no matter which employee is performing the task. Safety warnings, as appropriate, are included in the instructions so that workers are aware of potential dangers at the time.

Multiple Strategies Used to Close Knowledge Gaps

Employees who are learning new skills may need various strategies to learn new skills. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides are flexible enough to be used with photos, 3D models, and videos so that they become an interactive learning tool.

Give Employees Opportunities to Make Real-time Decisions

Based on what the Guide indicates to the employee, they can make real-time decisions about what to do next. Power Apps can be used to save any relevant transactional data without having to leave the Guides app.

Guides Can be Used as a Coaching Tool

As employees access Guides as part of their work, managers can use the data they collect for further training and coaching purposes. It will clearly indicate areas where employees will benefit from more training and where they are performing tasks well. If managers are finding that many employees are finding similar tasks challenging, it is an indication that further training is needed for workers to master a particular aspect of their jobs.

There will no doubt be some employees who become frustrated if they need more time to master a skill being taught on the job. It is the manager’s job to reassure employees that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and other software are tools to help them do their work better. As long as employees bring a willingness to learn and a positive attitude to their work, they can be taught to use modern business software that will make their work easier and more pleasant.

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