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ERP Project Success – How to Prepare for an ERP System

If you are considering attempting an ERP system implementation: STOP.

Statistics show that as little as 32% of company management teams rate their software projects as successful. We do not want you to fall into the 68% who experience a software implementation failure. For this reason Business Automation Specialists of Minnesota has developed three helpful guides to assist you every step of the way.

In this first whitepaper, we cover the critical importance of pre-planning, and the specific steps you should take before an ERP system implementation to drastically increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. Some of the helpful information you’ll find within includes:

  • Identifying and defining your unique business perspective, goals, and objectives.
  • Steps for internal preparation including: success measurement, asking the right questions, and the best way to distinguish between your objectives and your processes.
  • A list of common terms relating to business system implementation and what they may mean to you.
  • And more!

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