ERP Implementation and Training are two different, yet very important steps in the process of acquiring a new business management solution. ERP Implementation is the process of adjusting the software to fit your needs best. During training, we teach your staff the best methods to use to get the most out of your new and existing software.

With seamless ERP implementation and effective training, you will be better equipped to complete tasks efficiently. This will result in increased profitability for your organization.

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“I am happy to say my initial impression of your company was accurate. The business experience and technological knowledge Business Automation Specialists brought to our project elevated us to a higher level of efficiency and productivity we had not been able to achieve with our previous VAR.”

IT/Warehouse Mgr, Belson Co.

Our ERP Implementation and Training services allow us to extend our capabilities to you, so you ultimately become better, faster and stronger and achieve your business success. With Realistic Solutions© from BASM, you are in a great position to take advantage and move ahead of your competitors.

Since 1985, we have extended practical advice and extensive business experience to our clients. With realistic solutions from BASM, you get the right mix of technology and practical experience for your business.

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