Training Makes the Difference – BASM’s Unique Solution Makes it Invaluable

The implementation & training services you receive with your new software is important in determining how successful you will be.

Implementing software and systems can have huge returns when done right. However, many software implementations fall short, or even fail, because the end users don’t get behind it.

End user adoption rate is higher when the system is set up to work how the company works & doesn’t change systems to work with the software. The training needs to incorporate how the organization functions and how they need to use the software.


Experience makes the difference

A key component that differentiates Business Automation Specialists of Minnesota (BASM) is the detail they place on the needs analysis phase of implementing the software solution. BASM’s methodology is that the software should work the way your company works. To make that happen, the BASM team learns the unique ins and outs of your business; tying the software functionality to each department. By learning your processes and procedures so intimately, they create an implementation and training program that’s 100% customized. The training actually takes place after your data is entered into the system; making it specific, relatable, and immediately accurate.


Knowing how the client functions day to day, makes custom training possible 

Once the system and data are ready, customized implementation and training sessions are conducted online and recorded. This allows for future reference and new hire training. “One of the things that make these recorded training sessions so valuable is that they are customized,” stated BASM President, Ron Ketterling. “By using the client’s actual data during training, it’s immediately accurate, relatable, and memorable.”


Recorded training sessions minimizes customer support calls

By recording the sessions, trainees can refer to the recording when questions pop up. Ron added, “The recorded training sessions are so valuable, one of our clients insists that their team review the training videos before calling for support. This reduced the amount of support calls, increasing the value of the investment in online training.”

Long term value of recorded customized training – Onboarding new hires

The recorded training allows new hires to get up to speed quickly and with consistency. Ron stated, “Many companies rely on current employees to train new employees. When it comes to software, this can lead to inconsistencies, creating problems down the line. Having access to the recorded training sessions ensures new hires get the same information as the current employees.”

Other Applications for recorded training

In addition to large implementation and training projects, BASM offers recorded training sessions for system updates or a newly implemented feature. “One thing consistent in the software world is that software is always changing,” concluded Ron. “As new functionality or versions become available, you will want to provide the same level of training for changes and new features as you did for the initial implementation.”

To learn more about BASM’s online, customized recorded training services, please contact us.